Friday, August 7, 2015

[YummyEats] KarmaKamet Diner, Bangkok

Karmakamet Diner, Bangkok
30/1 Sukhumvit Soi 24 Bangkok
Open daily 9am - 11pm
+662 262 0700-1 |

This was the third time I've travelled to Bangkok, the Land of Tom Yum Goong. I always love eating Som Tum and Tom Yum. I found a new love in this beautiful land during the recent trip. Karmakamet Diner is such a beautiful place which serves high quality of western food in a very relaxing ambience and classy, yet friendly environment.

Karmakamet is actually known for its aromatic products before starting with the restaurant with retro style settings. It just makes you feel like you're away from all the city busy life. The secret world is easily accessible by BTS. The nearest station will be BTS Phrom Phong and is within 5 minutes walk from there and you will reach the stunning restaurant with breathtaking ambience.

They make good use of the spots and decorate with different kinds of bottles of essential oils on the shelves neatly. We managed to get a good place just right next to the shelve of bottles.

Every wooden table is beautifully set with the Karmakamet's specially designed newspaper like placemat. I have to say that each and every settings and decorations in this secret world is so detailed and thoughtful to customer's dining experience. The coasters are folded from vintage envelopes. I was totally mesmerized by their idea.

Karmakamet serves all day brunch, pastas, and other main courses. The price are not too expensive and I am willing to pay for such a price in this restaurant.

The menu has clear explanation on what each items are. 

Since there were only both of us, we ordered 2 from the main brunch and 1 of the famous dessert.

Cafe Latte 

 French Toast (THB 350)

Brie Avocado Omelette (THB 350)

The French Toast tasted so good accompanied by their special sauce. Highly recommended on the menu! The omelette was not bad as well but it is quite filling and it contains cheese.

Strawberry In The Clouds (THB 390)

Lastly, we had the dessert. Yes, there is always space for dessert anytime, anywhere. Strawberry In The Clouds is the name. Makes me feel like a kid again by just looking at it. A very lovely rainbow colored cotton candy on top of a cup of strawberry ice cream parfait. It is worth the try and definitely a must for a picture especially for a Foodtographer and Instagrammer like me. 

Well, everything is just perfect there. It was the most wonderful brunch I ever had. I will definitely go back again on my next trip to Bangkok. 

PS: Adviced to make a reservation if you plan to go after 10am.

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