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Here's a collection of my homecooked food. Many of us who cook for family or partner often ask the same question "What to cook today?". I hope this will give some ideas or maybe add one or two dishes to your list. I will add in recipe links to my blog post if there is any. PM me if you are curious on how to cook the dishes that you wish to cook. :)

Stir Fry Bitter Gourd with Egg, Steam & Fry Pumpkin and ABC Soup
Japanese Egg Tofu with Mixed Vege &Chicken Cube and Mixed Vegetables Tomyam
Kangkung Belacan, Stir Fry Cucumber and Bittergourd Sweetcorn Soup
Pumpkin Porridge
Simple Soup Noodle with Garlic Oil
Foo Chow Red Wine Soup, Fried Chinese Strips Potato and Fried Spinach
Fried Cabbage, Fried Chicken Drumstick and ABC Soup
Simple Fried Rice with Pork Sausage Ham
Hot & Spicy Mixed Vege and White Radish Soup
Fried Lotus Root with Sambal Belacan, Stir Fry Cabbage with Egg, Old Cucumber Soup and Fried Fish
Stir Fry Broccoli and Cabbage, Smooth Tofu Soy Sauce Stew, Walnut Soup with Sweet Corn and Carrot
ABC Soup, Stir Fry Chinese Cabbage with Hot Pepper Paste and Fried Bittergourd

Stir fry Kailan, Fry Garlic Tiger Prawn, Kung Pao Chicken, Chickuteh Soup

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