Sunday, December 21, 2014

[YummyEats] Pizza Marzano, Grand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta

Pizza Marzano
Grand Indonesia, West Mall LG Fl Unit FoodHall, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1 Jakarta
Open Mon -  Sun, 11am - 11pm

I can't wait to share out this post! I'm in Jakarta once again for work.  Colleague introduced the place and so me and two other colleagues went there for the pizzas. 
We reached there at about 12pm and the restaurant is still empty. Probably we're too early for lunch over there. 

Earl Grey Tea (Rp. 25, eq. RM7)

We ordered our drinks first. I ordered Earl Grey tea from their menu. They do serve coffee and other drinks as well. They serve Twinings tea. 

 Pasta selections

Classic Pizzas selections

Romana Pizza selections

We ordered 2 pizzas from the menu. Each from Classic Pizza and Romana Pizza. 

Pollo e Porcini (Rp. 98, eq. RM28)
Super yummy! 
Rating: 4.5/5

Pollo e Porcini from the Romana Pizza selection. Trust me. Mushroom lover will definitely love this pizza! I guess this is one of the best pizza I ever had besides La Risata in PJ. The crust is real thin and super crispy (even when it turns cold a lil)! Loaded with mushrooms, chicken meat and topped with pesto sauce. It was not too cheesy and its good to eat without any chilli sauce or tabasco sauce! Highly recommended pizza!

La Reine (Rp. 75, eq. RM21)
Rating: 4/5

Next, the classic pizza La Reine with tomato base. The crust is slightly thicker and the pizza is smaller in size. However, the sauce and all was still good! The amount of cheese is just nice. As for the olives, hmm.. maybe can be better.

For those who can take beef, then there will be more choices of pizzas to choose from. :) 

Didn't order the dessert as we're all full already! But the Baked Dough Balls with Nutella looks gooding!! :D

Do drop a comment and let me know if you came across any good pizzas in KL/PJ area.

Thanks for reading.

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