Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vanilla Orange Overnight Oats

This is one of my new favourite overnight oats. I super love Yoplait's Vanilla Yogurt. Not too sweet and not too sour, with light vanilla taste.

There's some request from friends on pictures of what brand of oats, yogurt that I used and step by step pictures of making overnight oats.

Keep reading.

So, basically these are the type and brand of ingredient that I normally used. I prefer fresh milk instead of low fat milk as I found low fat milk is creamier and very heavy texture and taste. I don't know why.
I bought Chia Seed from BMS Organic shop for RM29.90.

The Yoplait Vanilla Yogurt(1 kg) cost about RM20 to RM22 in Jusco or Tesco, but I got it from Jaya Grocer at RM17.90.

All this while I'm using Pristine rolled oats. I didn't really go and search if there's other brand available in the store. Pristine rolled oats cost RM7.90 normal price in Tesco.

There's orange there because I'm making Vanilla Orange Overnight Oats.

Just follow the steps and recipe below to make this.

Then, add in yogurt, oranges and milk. (Refer recipe and method below)

For 1 serving


4 tbsp rolled oats
1 tsp chia seed
3 tbsp vanilla yogurt
1 orange, cut to small pieces
100ml milk


1. In a jar, combine oats and chia seed.
2. Then, scoop in 3 full tbsp of vanilla yogurt.
3. Place the oranges and pour in milk.

4. You might wanna stir a little bit to allow the liquid to flow to the base of the jar. Then, cover with lid and soak overnight (approx. 8 hours)

Thanks for reading. ☺

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