Friday, August 8, 2014

Stir Fry French Beans with Luncheon Meat

I have extra luncheon meat in the fridge and was thinking what to do with it. Instead of just frying it with egg which is what we commonly do, I decided to cook it with french beans for dinner.

For 2 servings.


3 cloves of garlic
2 slices of luncheon meat, cubed
1/4 carrot, sliced
150gm french beans, cut into smaller pieces
1 tbsp cooking oil
Small pinch of salt (optional, as the luncheon meat will be salty)
Small cup of water


1. Heat up the oil and fry the garlic in medium heat.
2. Fry the luncheon meat and carrot for 1 minute.
3. Put in the french bean and add some salt.
4. Add in some water and leave it till the french beans soften. (Approx. 2 to 3mins)
5. Serve the french beans.

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